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We're proud to provide computer numerical control (CNC) engraving as the leading service to our valued clients. Any of our projects can be custom made with different material types, including wood, plastic, metal, aluminum, slate, and stone in various finish colors. Special order products can be drawn up in our software so you'll be able to see your pieces before you agree to buy. 

We also have a passion for details and craftmanship in the projects we do and others have done before us. We specialize in one of a kind pieces blending new, and sometimes old, along with incorporating materials from the local area. From making custom signs and flower boxes for special occasions to unique home accents, décor and jewelry, we are pleased to offer an array of products to suit your needs. We’re happy to customize our designs to fit your needs, as well as take your ideas and turn them into a piece of art. The details matter to us and we take a lot of pride in what we do. We will always do our best to meet your expectations if not more by making products you can be proud of. Most products are made using local wood, wallpaper and items from other local small businesses.

We have a passion for history and the craftmanship of generations before us and we also have an appreciation for the present day technology advancements. With the past and present together it's a mission of ours to preserve pieces of history and share it with world by creating unique, one of a kind conversation pieces by making it even better... if that's possible!


Concept To Creation, LLC also offers a wide range of custom wood décor products, in house designed millwork projects, wooden furniture, refinish and repurposed wooden artifacts. We’re so excited to start this journey with you.

Let us help bring your design to life!

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Located in Dover, PA 17315


Phone: 717-668-0748

Concept To Creation, LLC

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